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ORIENT 50G6520

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Key Features:

Crystal-Clear Full HD

Orient 3D LED TV brings you dazzling clarity, our 1080p Full HD resolution makes sure you get a lifelike experience with unparalleled detail and enhanced sharpness.

LED Brilliance

Superior backlighting technology makes viewing smoother. With an intelligent dimming feature the screen adapts to the surrounding light levels giving you stunningly realistic videos as well as an energy efficient product.

Vibrant Contrast

We present to you dazzling contrasts with distinctively superior realism, from true black to pure white and every shade imaginable. Orient 3D LED TV makes sure that each little bit of color gives you a spectacular view!

Smoother Picture

Orient s HDTV comes with higher refresh rates that give you a smoothness of picture quality that you have never experienced before! With Orient 3D LED TV you get an astonishingly suave and stable picture even with the fastest paced blockbusters and action packed sports.

Same Space. More Picture.

Clearly overtaking the traditional thick framed TVs, Orient Slim Frame gives you greater space for picture in the same size of the product. The sleeker, slimmer frame gives you a more stylish product and unprecedented quality at the same time.

Ultra Thin Design

The beauty and design of any living space will be enhanced by the slim frame and ultra thin profile that comes with Orient 3D LED TV, making your dacor even more praiseworthy.

Energy Savings

Owing to the superiority of Orient s LED technology over LCD TVs, this HDTV is more energy efficient than the conventional ones  just like the rest of Orient products.

Urdu Language Support

Orient 3D LED TV supports Urdu language making it easier to use and understand all functions of the TV. This feature is introduced for the first time in any TV.

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