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Healthy Spray Mop


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★Green, healthy, safe, non-polluting, suitable for all kinds of floors.

★The handle is comfortable to hold and the water spray switch is easy to use.

★360ML large capacity liquid storage bottles can be added with custom cleaners, cleaning, disinfecting, disinfecting, waxing, etc. to achieve your health and fashion, a new life!

★The polymer nozzle and mist nozzle are evenly dried and evenly distributed with a spray distance of up to 40 CM.

★Squeeze the handle, 360 degree swivel head, light and easy to operate, you can use it.


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15 in stock

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  • Product Category: Spray Multi-function Mop
  • Splint size: 40.5*12.5cm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Material: high strength plastic + stainless steel rod + microfiber cotton cloth
  • Uses: household cleaning
  • Function: Suitable for all kinds of floor cleaning
  • Configuration: aluminum alloy mop rod, nozzle integrated rod, mop head, liquid storage bottle, fiber cloth
  • note:
  • When using the mop lever to control the switch, do not apply tension to the left or right to avoid switching the slot.
  • When dehydrating, be sure to keep the mop rod perpendicular to the buckle to prevent the mop rod from swinging left and right during dehydration.
  • When dehydrating, place all the mop heads in the dehydration basket to prevent exposed cotton from splashing onto the body.
  • Do not pull or knock the mop lever violently, as it may damage the hand pressure function.
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