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Dawlance Mirror Glass Door Inverter Series Refrigerator – 9170 WB –


This amazing combination of aesthetics and technology is designed to cater to the rising energy costs in Pakistan. Dawlance following its aim of making Pakistan proud has resolved to play its role to address the energy crisis in Pakistan. GD Inverter Refrigerator uses 55% less energy than traditional refrigerators due to its cutting edge modern technology which only Dawlance offers in Pakistan.

Energy Efficient!

Dawlance presents state-of-the art refrigerators with Insect Repellent Technology, Health Light and chic glass door reflector to give you hygienic and healthy food without compromising on style. Instead of constantly switching between on and off, this durable and energy efficient compressor is always active, automatically adjusting its speed in response to cooling demand across 7 levels. The result is less wear and tear of your refrigerator for trouble-free, longer-lasting performance.

Easy to find and reach

All-Around Cooling enables everything fresh by cooling every inch of the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Cold air is blown out through multiple outlets at every shelf level, maintaining an even and constant temperature from top to bottom and food stays longer.

No obstacles

Getting food out of a refrigerator often means navigating an obstacle course of items. Easy Slide Shelf which simply slides in and out helps you to efficiently store, organise and access your groceries-quickly and easily reaching things right at the back and in every corner.

Sterilizing filter keeps air clean

With the Anti-Bacterial Protector you can rest assured that your refrigerator is clean and hygienic. Air in the fridge is sterilized as it passes through the filter on the fan which is activated always activated.

Store more big bottles

Keep the whole family happy with quick grab and go beverages. The Big Guard makes it easy to store big and tall bottles like milk, water, soda and condiments.
Health Light- Doubles the duration of food preservation
Anti Gunagal Gasket reduces deterioration of food

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